Director of Programs 

SRI International Network and Resources Center (SRI-Rice) at Cornell University

  1. PhD from Cornell University  -  20 years experience in Africa  -  Leading and undertaking analytical studies                       Designing, implementing and evaluating research and development programs   -  based in Ithaca, New York

Erika Styger, PhD

Recent Publications

Scientific - Peer reviewed journals

2011 - Application of system of rice intensification practices in the arid environment of the Timbuktu region of Mali. Paddy and Water Environment 9:137-144 online Text

2011 - The system of rice intensification as a sustainable agricultural innovation: introducing, adapting and scaling up a system a rice intensification practices in the Timbuktu region of Mali. International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability 9(1): 67-75. Text

2009 - Degrading uplands in the rainforest region of Madagascar: Fallow biomass, nutrient stocks, and soil nutrient availability, Agroforestry Systems, April 17, 2009 online


2009 -  Fiche Technique pour le Système de Riziculture Intensive (SRI) à Tombouctou, Mali; Africare, Bamako. Text

2009 - System of Rice Intensification (SRI) - Community-based evaluation in Goundam and Dire Circles, Timbuktu, Mali, 2008/2009; Africare, Bamako.  Text English, French


2008 - Watershed Management Approaches, Policies, and Operations: Lessons for Scaling up; The World Bank Washington DC. Text

2008 -Sustainable Land Management Sourcebook: The World Bank, Washington DC. Text

SRI Timbuktu Blog

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