Specialized in TAVY, or slash-and-burn agricultural system of eastern Madagascar: Dissertation research and project work

Degrading uplands in the rainforest region of Madagascar: Fallow biomass, nutrient stocks, and soil nutrient availability 
Agroforestry Systems, 2009, published online April 17.
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Influence of slash-and-burn farming practices on fallow succession and land degradation in the rainforest region of Madagascar 
Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 2007: 119; 257-269
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Article Summary on PLECServe, Sept. 2007

Dissertation : Fire-less Alternatives to Slash-and-Burn Agriculture (Tavy) in the Rainforest Region of Madagascar 
Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, 2003

Retaining and Regaining Agricultural Productivity of Degrading Uplands 
CIIFAD Annual Report 2000-2001(2002), p.88-89 
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Upland Management without Fire  
CIIFAD Annual Report 1999-2000 (2001), p.78-79 
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Project Evaluation

Profitable and Environmentally Sound Farming Systems Replace Slash-and-Burn Agricultural Practices at the Landscape Scale
Mid-term project evaluation for the Eco-Regional Initiatives to Promote Alternatives to Slash and Burn (ERI-Program) of Project Component Alternatives to Slash-and-Burn. (2006)
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Fire-less Rice Planting on fallow mulch (right) and fallow mulch plus 40kg P through guano-phosphate (GP) (left) Ambavaniasy, Madagascar

Traditional planting method of tavy rice one day after the field was burned

Ginger crop, third in rotation after rice and beans. from left to right: tavy, slash and mulch (SM), SM+40kg P through GP, SM+80kg P through GP, Beforona, Madagascar

Alternatives to Slash and Burn

Rainforest (in back), Trema tree fallow (dark green = last year’s rice field) and tavy rice field (yellow, deforested same year), Ambavaniasy, Madagascar

Previous rainforest site, remnants of rainforest in depressions, and hillsides highly degraded with gully formation (Lavaka) due to repeated fire use; Ambatovy, Madagascar

Burning of a tavy field, Beforona, Madagascar